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An individual and special method is used to check and inspect tile. If the customer order be in the form of tile, we will find the factory with specialty in the tile production and its material preparing, processing and packing be according to global standards. During the production process, our experts visit the factory and investigate production procedure. Tiles are checked one by one and we make sure the selection of material is matched with customer order.

Our manner is based on the following inspections:

Tile dimension: according to random sampling rules, 5 tiles are selected from each box, then size, thickness and squarness is measured by precise instrument. 

Quality: all edges, corner, stain, hole abundance per area unit, harmony of filler material with background color and cracks are checked and tile with problem quality are separated from the box.

Tag installation: we install label on each box that include following information. (stone kind, stone code, tile dimension, tile number and weight, tile finishing, packing personnel profile and eventually quality control confirmation).

Packing inspection: packing quality and stability is examined. We reduce the damage possibility during transport.

Finally, a detailed report with picture is provided and sent to clients.  


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